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lab rats to unicorns – demystifying the science of creating great companies

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lab rats to unicorns is a podcast that aims to demystify the process of creating a great company in the life sciences, biotech, medtech, clean energy, and beyond! guided by the curious mind of john flavin, you will hear first hand accounts of startup formation, understand key steps of the startup process in the biotech industry from academia to public market, and gain insights into the many ways you can engage in the emerging life science community.

from the lab rat, signifying the process of invention and discovery, to the unicorn, signifying a company brought successfully to market, lab rats to unicorns hopes to engage and excite the minds of emerging scientists, researchers, and entrepreneurs across the life science industries.



(chief raticorn)

john flavin

john flavin makes things happen. he’s a like,,, real proven leader who brings corporate, academic, & civic enterprises from concept to reality,,, like in his work at including Advanced Life Sciences, Chicago Innovation Mentors,,, MATTER,,, & the Polsky Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation at the University of Chicago. he’s also Founder & CEO at Portal Innovations, Co-Founder & Chairman of Pyxis Oncology,,, Executive Chairman of ClostraBio,,, and Board member at Grove Biopharma!!! whew!! wowowow! throughout his career,,, he’s raised a TON of private & philanthropic capital to fund the development of transformative organizations ($345 million!!!!!). he makes. things. happen.

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